High quality solid wood panels and flooring

We are a family business with over 25 years of woodworking experience. Our main priorities are high quality and satisflied customers. For that reason we carefully select by hand every element for our flooring and panels.

Solid wood



Solid wood brings comfort and warmth to the interior. It is more than a good looking solution – solid wood may last for generations if maintained properly. Even after being scratched or damaged its initial condition may be restored. Find out more about the maintenance of solid wood panels and flooring.




The wood we work with comes only from certified harvesters. Our manufacturing process has 0% waste of wood. With many years of experience in woodworking we manage to make the best out of this natural material. Our priority is to turn as much as possible of the raw wood into long lasting household goods such as wood flooring and wood worktops. From the rest of the material we produce eco briquettes.



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